Ship's Store

To order any Ship’s Store item please contact Kay Goble 6200 Emerald Pines Circle, Ft. Myers, FL 33966, (239)768-1449 or e-mail

When submitting an order, please make checks payable to USS Whetstone Association. All golf shirts are navy blue with gold lettering. T-shirts are either Blue or Grey, both have gold lettering and silhouette of ship. Hats are navy blue with gold silhouette of ship, or almond with blue silhouette of ship .

Items for Sale:

Blue Wool Serge Ball Caps $20.00

Blue Cotton Ball Caps (Web Back) $20.00

Oyster (Cream Color) Cotton Ball Caps $20.00

Beige Cotton Ball Caps (Web Back) $20.00

Cruise Book Photocopies (57, 61,66,67/68 & 69) $10.00

Golf Shirts (Navy Blue only)(S,M,L,XL, XXL) $35.00

T-Shirts (Blue or Grey)(S,M,L,XL, XXL) $25.00

Whetstone Etching (Wood-Carved) $15.00

Yosemite Sam Patches $5.00

Note: All Prices Include Shipping

Make Checks payable to: USS Whetstone Association