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Welcome aboard the U. S. S. Whetstone

While no longer an "Active Fleet" vessel, the Whetstone remains active in the hearts and memories of those who have served aboard her. This site is a modern way to preserve these memories.

We would like to invite all former shipmates to join the U.S.S. Whetstone Association. There are two types of membership in the Association, voting and non-voting. All former crew-members or surviving members of their immediate family, Wives and progeny over 18, may join as voting members (See By-Laws). Those others who wish to join are encouraged to do so, whether former/current military or civilian. These persons will be non-voting members. However, all members will receive quarterly newsletters. Dues are voluntary at an annual cost of $25.00.

President -

Don Smith 952-466-5995

1st Vice President -

William F. Coakley 781-391-2598

2nd Vice President -

Ed Gordon 502-286-0547

Secretary/Treasure & Master of all things good for our Organization -

Kay Goble 239-768-1449

Newsletter Editor -

Marion Goble. 239-768-1449

Reunion Chairwoman -

Kay Goble 239-768-1449

Membership Chairman -

Marion Goble 239-768-1449

Chaplain -


Parliamentarian -

Everett Ward 910-790-1995

Publicity Officer -

Everett Ward 910-790-1995

Ship's Store -

Marion Goble 239-768-1449

Webmaster -

Craig McNitt 347-670-4667